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Welcome! This site was created for women who have hit their mid-life stride. I believe your best years are in front of you and you deserve to live them with massive joy. That means living fearlessly, on purpose, out loud, and with a whole heart! So, consider me your virtual coach, cheerleader, counselor, and guide. Let me show you the way…

You’re never too old to “become,” and never too far in the game to evolve. – Dr. Joy

What Others Are Saying About Dr. Joy

God Made Me Brave

Dr. Jilliam Joe has the uncanny ability to “look” beyond ones fears and insecurities and see and speak what God says about that person. That’s what happened to me…one day she wrote, “God made you brave”! It spoke to the… Read more “God Made Me Brave”

Jilliam is a true Godsend

I met Jill at a very rocky time in my life. Coming out of a divorce, Jilliam was a consistent voice of reason, love and compassion. When I felt low, Jilliam so many times lifted me to a place of… Read more “Jilliam is a true Godsend”

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